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Put to use what you have and do what you can.

Both businesses and individuals are welcome to tap into my expertise for advice on natural housing. Each project holds its own unique character, and I treasure the possibilities that the location offers. I highly value my clients' vision, and together, we work creatively to craft a splendid plan. I consider existing buildings, municipal zoning regulations, and the overall layout of the terrain.

No project is too small or too large for me. I'm skilled at researching zoning regulations and, if necessary, liaising with local authorities in the Netherlands. If desired, I can also take the lead on a project and ensure it's executed according to your desires. Together, we forge a solution that perfectly aligns with your needs.

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GROUP HOUSING -  'Housing in Motion'

In my perspective, any situation where two or more horses coexist on a permanent basis falls under group housing. The contemporary variety of terms and different types of group housing can sometimes be confusing, given the regulations that accompany specific housing styles (such as paddock paradise, HIT actief systems).

While I certainly adhere to minimum welfare standards, I don't impose strict rules. My experience has taught me that the parcel of land and the preexisting elements (buildings, surface area, landscape, vegetation) are pivotal to the final outcome. Whether a track system or feeding station exists, my focus centers on granting horses the freedom to choose, whether they want to be indoors or outdoors, move at a walk, trot, or canter, and always access social interaction. For this reason, we term it 'housing in motion.'

An illustrative example is Paarden Pension Buitenkans, where both a large herd of 15 horses and several smaller groups of 2 to 5 horses are accommodated, including stallions.

equine visions paarden paddock paradise paardvriendelijke huisvesting
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Although I will always emphasize the importance of offering horses as much social interaction as possible, we understand that certain situations may necessitate that specific horses stand alone for part of the time. This could arise from differing nutritional needs due to factors such as age, metabolism, or specific dietary requirements. A personalized approach is crucial in such cases, with the well-being of each individual horse taking precedence.

I firmly believe that the minimum standard of 16m² per horse is too limited to ensure optimal comfort and movement. I highly value the fact that horses should always have the choice, whether they wish to be indoors or outdoors, move at a walk, trot, or gallop, and always have access to social interaction. This contributes to their physical and mental well-being.

Our goal is to create an environment where every horse feels comfortable, has the freedom of movement they deserve, and where social interaction isn't compromised. By adopting this approach, we find a balance between individual requirements and the overall welfare of the herd.


While many stallions currently lack social contact, I believe it's possible to house stallions socially. I am living proof of this conviction, having personally embraced this approach for years. However, housing stallions requires a more detailed approach compared to other horses, and not every location will be suitable.

Due to the often prolonged periods during which many stallions (sometimes for years) are kept solitarily, it's necessary to first reintroduce them to social interactions before they're introduced to other horses. This process of socialization is of utmost importance (see also socialization). Additionally, the environment must be equipped to accommodate stallions.

Given the significant shortage of horse-friendly stallion housing, I'm more than willing to support facilities that are willing to take on the challenge of embracing this change. I'm happy to offer my assistance and visit for free (excluding travel & stay expenses) for an introductory conversation, where we can discuss the possibilities of stallion housing. The objective is to create a healthy, harmonious, and socially stimulating environment for these magnificent creatures, allowing their natural behavior to flourish and granting them the well-being they deserve. Together, we can explore how to transform your location into an ideal setting for socially housing stallions, contributing significantly to improving the lives of these wonderful animals.

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