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Consultation fees are € 75 per hour.

Virtual Consultations: Bringing Expertise to You

We understand that distance might separate us physically, but it doesn't need to keep us from providing valuable guidance and support. Introducing our online consultation services – a convenient way to access expert advice no matter where you are.

At Our Location: Paarden Pension Buitenkans

It's also possible to visit our location, gain inspiration, and ask all your questions. Using tools like Google Maps, we can discuss your situation and provide advice whenever possible.

Introductory Discount for € 75:  with this, you'll receive a tour of PP Buitenkans, including answers to all your questions. Plan for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

At Your Location

I'm more than willing to come and observe at your location. The costs are exclusive of travel expenses from Meervelderweg 72 in Uddel.

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