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Please note that our magazines are currently available exclusively in Dutch.

Just like with all our efforts, here we also focus on a perspective that places the horse at the center, without losing sight of humans. We firmly believe that it's essential for horse enthusiasts to have access to information so they can make conscious choices that align with their values. Our aim isn't to dictate what's right or wrong to readers, but rather to illuminate various viewpoints, emphasize the pros and cons, and wherever possible, provide factual information. This approach enables individuals to make well-informed decisions that promote the well-being of their horses.

This magazine has been created for anyone who holds a deep affection for horses and wants to explore more about these majestic beings.

In this edition, the focus is on horse housing and care. Several passionate authors, who have a sincere love for horses, have shared their expertise. This serves as not only a valuable reference but also an inspiration for anyone with an affectionate bond with horses.

The first, second, and third parts of the magazine are currently available at "Vanuit het Paard" and various wonderful webshops.

The first part discusses the essence of horses and their needs. It presents general introductory articles that shed light on the nature of horses, without delving deeply into the practical aspects of housing and associated considerations. More in-depth information will be covered in the following parts.

We consider it of utmost importance that fundamental information is accessible to everyone. The more people delve into horses and their needs, the better horses will be understood by society as a whole.

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A birthday calendar where horses take center stage. Each month features a stunning photo of a horse. All photos are taken by Equine Visions and at PP Buitenkans. This calendar stands out not only due to its beautiful pictures but also because it's 100% horse-friendly.



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