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Equine Rehabilitation and Well-being from the Horse's Perspective

At Equine Visions, I am dedicated to the well-being of horses. With over 10 years of experience with natural horse boarding, I now also have years of experience in the field of rehabilitation. I have specialized in assisting horses with various challenges, ranging from physical (unsolvable) discomfort to complex behavioral issues.

The Power of Understanding and Collaboration

My approach is based on the belief that horses heal and thrive best when understood and supported in a way that closely aligns with their natural needs. I look beyond the problems and strive to understand the core of each individual case.

A Personal Approach for Each Horse

My unique approach includes offering choices to the horse and intensive observation. I believe that horses are always sending signals about what they need. By listening and facilitating, we can achieve effective rehabilitation and behavioral adjustments in the most horse-friendly way possible. Because the horse is engaged in this process and largely makes its own choices, we have experienced that the effects will also be longer-lasting.

Our tailor-made housing options always include the basic needs of horse (friends, forage, water, space to move, shelter) and individually tailored nutrition. We adapt to the needs of each horse, whether it's recovery after surgery, colic issues, hoof/muscle problems, obesity, behavioral problems, or other challenges. I work towards a healthy horse that can handle more, communicates better, becomes more solution-oriented, and can also better cope with changes.

Nutrition as a Key Component

In addition to observation, nutrition is a key component of my program. We provide unlimited roughage and adjust the quantity and type based on individual needs. Moreover, our horses are allowed to make their own selection from more than 60 types of herbs, nuts, and seeds. This is not only to support their physical well-being but also to provide valuable insights into their health and mental state.

Striving for Happy Partnerships

At Equine Visions, my ultimate goal is not only to help horses but to create happy partnerships between horses and owners. I believe that when horse and owner collaborate and enjoy a close relationship, it positively impacts both. Seeing horses and their owners enjoying activities and adventures together is one of the most rewarding outcomes of my work.

Building a Strong Bond Between Horse and Owner Together

I acknowledge that the bond between a horse and its owner is invaluable. A strong, healthy relationship forms one of the foundations for the horse's well-being. I emphasize the importance of communication, understanding, and trust between horse and owner. A content horse often results from an owner committed to understanding and collaboration.

Owners as Part of the Rehabilitation Process

For us, it's not just about helping the horse, but also involving the owner in the process. I believe that owners should be active participants in their horse's rehabilitation process. Depending on the situation, this might mean involving owners right from the start. This empowers them to understand the steps being taken and why, and how they can contribute to their horse's well-being in the future.

From Challenges to Fulfillment

At Equine Visions, we go beyond traditional methods, always placing the horse at the forefront. We take pride in our success in assisting medically untreatable horses and those with severe and dangerous behavioral issues. Our commitment to individual attention and holistic care sets us apart in the field of horse rehabilitation.

On the Journey to a Healthy Future for Your Horse, Together

At Equine Visions, we believe in the power of understanding, collaboration, and dedication when it comes to your horse's well-being. If you're ready to guide your horse towards health, happiness, and harmony, we're here to assist you. Depending on the severity of the issue, we can provide guidance online or at your location. For highly challenging cases or situations where adequate housing is required, it's possible to bring your horse to our location for weeks or even months.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information, questions, or to start a conversation about the needs of you and your horse.

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