Follow a journey of two stallions in their quest of socialization. 
Conquest du Toff (7 years old) was kept in solitary confinement till he was 4 years old. We have been training with him for three years in preparation for a social life.
Solar Das Lezirias (18 years old) hasn't had any social contact for the past years. He had no training prior to the introduction, in the hope that his past social life in his younger years were enough preparation for this day.

Caution! Please don't try this with horses which have not been social for a while without taking proper precautions/measurements. 
Know what you are doing and be prepared before you take this leap of faith. When working with animals it is impossible tot know with 100% certainty how they will react.

Starring: Conquest du Toff, Kulla Prinsen, Pablo Picasso, Carantonas Amar, Solar das Lezirias